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Our commitment

Stablex has made four core commitments on which all of our operations and activities are founded. These commitments influence everything we do.

Act as an environmental steward

At Stablex, our primary mission is to protect the environment. We treat industrial waste and contaminated soil, offering a permanent and safe solution. What’s more, we have presented a positive environmental record to the relevant authorities since our inception in 1983. Our commitment to environmental protection earned us ISO 14001 certification in 1997.

Protect health and safety

True to our organizational culture, Stablex created a stringent health and safety program to protect our employees and neighbouring communities. This program ensures that our personnel receives regular training and that we work closely with the Blainville Fire Department, the Ministry of Public Health and the CSST to ensure all interventions are coordinated, quick and preventive.

See our Health, Safety and Environment Policy

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We focus on offering unparalleled and best in class service. This is why we are willing to go to great lengths to resolve issues and find optimal solutions for our customers. We value open relationships and are able to maintain them by creating long-lasting ties with our customers and by honouring our commitments. 

See our Quality Policy

Involved locally

As a major employer in our region, Stablex is actively involved in the community. We sponsor local events and belong to community associations. We also have set up initiatives such as a Local Procurement Policy, which encourages sourcing products and services from local providers. Stablex has always sought to be a good neighbor, which is why we conduct our activities responsibly and ensure that lines of communication remain open.

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Industry leader
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