Stablex and the community

A dedicated team and ongoing efforts

We are firmly committed to being a good neighbour. Community relations management is part of the daily work of three Stablex team members:

  • Pierre Légo, Health, Safety and Environment Manager
  • Michel Perron, General Manager
  • Tania Tzakova, Health, Safety and Environment Specialist

Preventive nuisance management

In 2009, Stablex implemented a series of measures to diligently manage all nuisances associated with our activities. Since then, the results have been significant and Stablex continues to work hard to stay on course.

As part of this initiative, Stablex set up a formal incident reporting and management process with the City of Blainville and the MDDELCC. At the same time, our team on the ground has been actively addressing several key issues.

Odour elimination

To eliminate all odours, Stablex adheres to an action plan designed to address three main issues: the waste placement zone, the production process and the relocation of Placement Cell 6.

Waste placement

In the placement area, odours may originate from two sources: stablex waste in cells or water storage reservoirs. We take special measures to mitigate these two potential odour sources.

Stablex waste deposits

To prevent odours from drifting to neighbouring residential areas, an odour neutralizer spray system has been installed near the stablex placement area. With two spray levels dispersing fine drops of odour neutralizer, this system has proven to be an effective barrier. It is equipped with a wind vane that automatically activates the system whenever the wind gusts in directions that could carry odours toward residential areas.

Stablex also owns mobile odour neutralizer spray units to support our permanent systems.

At the end of each day, our last stablex deposits are systematically covered in liquid clay to limit air contact. The same process is used to cover all deposits when winds gust toward residential neighborhoods. In 2015, we added a telescopic arm to our machinery to target potential odour sources more effectively.

Water storage tanks

Another odour neutralizer spray system has been installed near the water storage tanks. It is similar to the one we have near our placement area.

Rainwater that falls in the placement area is collected and stored in tanks so that it can be treated at a later date. The tanks in the placement area are covered by floating covers to minimize air contact and eliminate odour potential.

Working with leading expert firms, Stablex continuously carries out field studies to assess the effectiveness of our mitigation measures.

Read the article "Innovation technologique et bonne cohabitation" (published in the CCITB's magazine, January 2016)

Production process

Since 2014, Stablex has been working with the Quebec Industrial Research Centre (CRIQ). This partnership has initially enabled proper identification of odour-producing compound sources emitting from the different stages during the stablex production process, consequently providing potential reduction or elimination solutions.

Stablex has also developed its own protocol allowing daily testing of incoming wastes. As a result, restrictions may be issued on wastes that are more likely to cause odours since 2017.

Through research and testing, Stablex was able to identify potential odour sources and develop sustainable solutions to control these emissions.

Relocation of Placement Cell 6

Stablex is currently assessing the possibility of relocating Placement Cell 6, which will be the next one we use. The company is considering moving it to a section of land that lies to the northeast of the currently planned area. This would allow us to further distance our operations from residential areas, even though the currently planned area falls within the legally required buffer zone. This initiative would increase the size of the buffer zone and demonstrate our intention to be a good neighbour. 

Minimizing noise

Since 2010, we have made sure that outdoor activities wrap up at 9 p.m. in the stablex placement area. This helps minimize noise in the neighbourhood.

Reducing dust

To prevent dust from spreading, all unpaved roads are regularly sprayed with water and dust-control liquid. The plant yard is also kept clean with a mechanical sweeper.

Keeping our ears to the ground

Stablex has set up a monitoring program on our property and in the neighbourhood to help us stay one step ahead of potential nuisances. Reports are taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and when incidents occur, we quickly deploy staff to assess the situation and remedy any nuisances related to our activities.


Stablex and the community
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