Nearly 500 residents at the 2019 Open House!

The Stablex team proudly welcomed nearly 500 regional visitors during this year’s Open House. Through a variety of presentations and a tour of the facilities, visitors were able to discover the know-how and the expertise of this company, which has been based in Blainville for over 35 years. Neighbouring residents were provided with the opportunity to interact with team members and ask questions on current operations but also on upcoming initiatives, such as the Placement Cell 6.

Honoring the 2019 Open House with an environmental and social commitment

This year’s Open House aimed to share Stablex’s environmental mission: an expertise in industrial waste and contaminated soil treatment and stabilization, as well as a commitment to innovate and increase recycling and recovery activities.

“In addition to the relocation of the Placement Cell 6, Stablex focuses on innovative projects, such as aerosol recycling and the reuse of ammonia containing waste as fertilizer,” said Michel Perron, General Manager. “Our team was also able to share its sustained efforts to reduce its environmental impact by, for example, recycling some  plastic containers received for disposal.”

Also, Stablex recalled the measures established over the past several years to effectively manage issues demonstrating its transparency and openness to listening.

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Nearly 500 residents at the 2019 Open House!
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